About Us

Experience the Difference

Our History

Glorious Components is a young company with 9 years experienced in manufacturing acoustic components in Mainland China. Most of our staffs are young people, those people upholds high standard of work ethic, and thanks to their passion and responsible working attitude, we gain a stable health grow every year.

    Why We Different?

  • 1:We make Piezo Discs in our OWN FACTORY
    2:We use AUTOMATIC pasting machine to paste piezo ceramics
    3:All of our Piezo Discs are tested AUTOMATICALLY before using
    4:All of our Buzzers & Speakers are tested TWICE before selling
    5:EASY CUSTOMIZED with smooth communication with our
    6:Experienced engineers and salesmen
    7:From June 1, 2007, all Glorious Components products are delivered in
    full compliance with the legislated EU directiveregarding ROHS, 2002/95/EC.

What we can do

Immediately reply to inquiries
regarding to technical support.
Honest to disclose product situation
for an easy business. Provide useful
advice from our experienced staffs
with smooth communication
regarding to any application,
customization,and problem handlings.
Work with High standard of ethics

What we believe

High standard of work ethic is the
core competence of our company.
Always think about product quality
and punctual lead time before any
tiny expansion. We are making
simple products, any minor mistake is not acceptable.