• Piezo Buzzer, Piezo Indicator, Audible Alarm
  • Piezo Transducer.
  • Piezo and Dynamic Speaker.

All of the audio components are produced in our own factory

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Resilient Alarming Devices and Piezo Components

Glorious Components brings world-class professional solutions for all kinds of industrial acoustic application requirements. Ranging from small scale industries to large power plants, we assure finest quality piezoelectric products delivered within a reasonable period of time. Our years of experience in this domain will help in getting the best on your investments.

World class manufacturing technologies used for producing piezoelectric alarm buzzer and additional piezo components. All the elements ensure greater compatibility with most of your complex product designs. We continue with premium standard raw materials to improve the durability of the end products.

The complete production and casing is fabricated at our own factory. Best in class acoustical performance coupled with our piezo buzzer and other audio signaling products. ROHS compliance and coherent features draw our products truly exclusive. We believe in competitive pricing, please make a call or drop an email for free consultation.

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Piezo Buzzer
Piezo Buzzer

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Piezo Transducer
Piezo Transducer

Piezoelectric sounder without internal ocilator... Read More

Piezo Disc
Piezo Disc

Brass or Stainless steel base disc, with or without feed back electrode... Read More

Piezo Speaker

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